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  • Tuesday
    Jun 27 2017
    Enterprise Angular (w/ Travis Shepherd)

    Continuing on with enterprise development, we will dig into a non-trivial Angular application and the decisions that go into making it a reality. Expect to hear topics like Authorization, Routing, UI/UX, Modularization, and the relationship with the back end services.


    6:00pm - arrive, eat, hang

    6:30pm - Presentation

    7:45pm - socialize, ping pong


    Travis Shepherd is a full stack software engineer with 15 years experience in the Nashville area. He has built around two dozen applications using technologies like .NET, ASP.NET, Angular, Javascript, XAML, AWS, Azure, and more. 

  • React Native with Guy Lemon


    Guy Lemon will discuss React Native: what it is, how it works, and what you can do with it.

    • a quick overview of what React is/does

    • introduce React Native via a basic app

    • demonstrate building / styling a component

    • demonstrate debugging / testing workflow

    • If there is time, add some HTTP / async to the mix.

    We'll of course have some kind of food, pizza probably unless someone suggests a better alternative.

    Nashville Mobile Developers usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month.  We meet to discuss innovations in mobile development, and will generally have someone from a local company who's got something awesome to show off.

  • NashFP

    Polyglot functional programming fun. Bring your questions and ideas. The format is low-ceremony show-and-tell, open discussions, and hands-on dojos and labs. NashFP is warm, welcoming, and beginner friendly.

  • Patchwork Nashville with Nashville Women Programmers: Sponsored by GitHub

    We are so excited to join with GitHub for this special Patchwork! This event is open to beginners to Git and GitHub, and mentors who want to help others learn. They'll have stickers for everyone, and a little something extra for the mentors, so we hope to see you there.

    GitHubbers and community mentors, will be on hand to walk the attendees through their choice of learning modules:

    • GitHub 101: Introduction to GitHub

    • GitHub 102: Using the GitHub Desktop

    • GitHub 103: Using the Command Line

    If you have questions about the command line, GUIs, or anything Git and GitHub-related, they're here to help.

    Food and refreshments will be available.

    The event will be held on June 27th from 6:30-9:30 PM at Nashville Software School.  Please RSVP here: https://ti.to/github-events/patchwork-nashville-2017


    QUESTIONS (or if you have trouble RSVPing):  


    If you have questions, feel free to contact us, your organizers, via Meetup. We look forward to seeing you!



  • Wednesday
    Jun 28 2017
    Nashville PHP BBQ Lunch

    Come out and stimulate your mind, mouth and stomach with some finely-crafted BBQ and good ol' PHP talk.

  • Apigee DevJam - Nashville

    This meeting invitation comes from Dave Ryan at Google and will be hosted at the Nashville Google Office. It's not an official Nashville API Developers event, so if you have questions, please direct them to Dave (see below). I'll be reaching out to the group soon to start having regular meetings again. In the meantime, this looks like a great event for those interested in APIs. Cheers!

    We are hosting an informal dev workshop Wednesday 6/28 at our Nashville Google Office from 1-5. Lunch provided at 12 noon. We are located directly above the Kayne Prime restaurant

    The lab will cover API platforms, design, development, security, analytics, and more in a workshop setting where developers can get hands on experience with API platform management technology.

    Register here: https://apigee.com/api-management/#/atf_eventdetail/864. Feel free to send me any questions at [masked]


  • Nashville Kubernetes June Meetup - K8s Performance Testing

    Now that Kubernetes has been setup, whats next? For enterprises that 'next' step sometimes is measuring performance. At this meetup, we will walk through characteristics of Kubernetes performance testing and have a demo of the tests.

    Refreshments to be provided! 

  • Lightning Talks: WWDC 2017

    This month we're going to have a series of lightning talks to cover topics from WWDC 2017. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to cover their topic of choice. Here's the list of speakers & topics for our June meetup:

    - Addison Webb - Drag and Drop for iOS
    - Blake Merryman - Xcode 9
    - Mark Bellott - MusicKit
    - Mohssen Fathi: CoreML / Vision
    - Pat Goley: Swift 4
    - Paul Adams: ARKit


    Meeting Schedule:

    6:00 - 6:15 - Pizza & drinks
    6:15 - 7:15 - Lightning Talks
    7:00 - 8:00 - Socializing

    A huge thanks to LunarLincoln for hosting this month!


    If you are interested in giving a presentation (either lighting or full), let us know. See the Presentation Topic Ideas thread on Meetup for inspiration (or to submit new ideas)!

    Feel free to contact Blake Merryman or Addison Webb if you have any questions. You can also find out all the latest updates or ask questions on this Meetup Group or Twitter account. Hope to see you there!


Next two weeks

  • Thursday
    Jun 29 2017
    June Meetup: Rapid Prototyping to Unlock Big Data


    Nashville's own Sophicware, a Civic Tech firm, is building a world where social inequities are addressed through technology. Such a mission, requires making OpenData more accessible to the general public and transforming it into consumable information. 

    Join Sophicware founder, Jurnell Cockhren, for an evening of rapid prototyping to help move this amazing mission forward. 


    6:00 - 6:20 > Drinks, snacks, and networking 
    6:20 - 6:40 > Introductions and presentation of Problem Statement/Storyboarding
    6:40 - 6:50: Quick Q&A to refine and inform
    6:50 - 7:20 > Small group rapid prototyping breakout for key screens
    7:20 - 7:40 > Small groups present prototypes
    7:40 - 8:00 > Networking and wrap up

    Jurnell Cockhren is the Founder of Sophicware & Civic Hacker. His experience and affiliations include the NAACP, Python Software Foundation, the National Society of Black Engineers and Vanderbilt University. With over a decade of experience in creating and contributing to open source software with a work history spanning Neuroscience, Optics and Astronomy, Jurnell provides an enriched perspective of the applied sciences. 

    Parking note: We encourage you to make use of the free street parking on 10th, Palmer, Lea, and other streets surrounding Cummins Station. There is also paid parking available if needed or preferred. 

    Beer & Assorted Beverages Generously Sponsored By: 

    Food Generously Sponsored By: 

    Space Generously Sponsored By:

  • Saturday
    Jul 1 2017
    July Meetup

    We will be in a study room on the 3rd floor. Find the Nonfiction section, and head straight back past the circulation desk.

    Bring your laptop if you like, we'll have an opportunity to do some coding challenges together!

  • Wednesday
    Jul 5 2017
    PyNash Lunch!

    Join us for lunch and Pythonic discussions

  • Nashville PHP South Lunch

    **EDIT:** I'm moving this one to Wednesday since our regular recurring time falls on the 4th.

    It's time for the Nashville PHP South Lunch! Come meet fellow devs, chat about PHP and have a grand ol' time -- all while enjoying the delicacies of the particular restaurant of the month.

  • Thursday
    Jul 6 2017
    Data Science MeetUp Anti-Social

    Hi everyone. This is a placeholder for a summer Happy Hour Meetup. Specifics to come shortly. The date may change.

    No set agenda for the MeetUp.

    Industrial Strength Marketing (ISM) has offered up their offices to get together to network, ask each other questions, and compare notes on projects you are working on.

    Please be sure to park on the street for the MeetUp. 5th and Taylor uses the lot in the back for valet during the evenings. There is no sign for ISM. They share the same brick building at the 5th and Taylor restaurant.

  • Hanami for the Rails Developer with Jason Charnes

    Since we had a bit of a mix up scheduling Jason last month, we are going to have his talk THIS month! YAY!


    Imagine a full-stack Ruby web framework focused on being lightweight, structurally pure and fun to use? Say hello to Hanami. Hanami is an MVC framework with a few different approaches to web development using Ruby. Let's take a look at how it compares with Ruby on Rails.


    Jason is a Memphian and developer at Lensrentals. Outside of his love for web development, Jason is passionate about his family, mental health, and a good loyalty program.

  • Saturday
    Jul 8 2017
    Pharmacy Mixer

    Bring the family and enjoy a burger and drinks with fellow developers.

  • Monday
    Jul 10 2017
    July Meeting: Getting Started with d3.js, with Delaine Wendling


    This Monday’s Topic is d3.js! Are you interested in visualizing data through charts like this?

     If so, this talk is for you! No d3 experience necessary! This talk will be interactive so make sure to bring your computers! 

    Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) 



    Delaine Wendling





    Eventbrite Nashville

    Cummins Station

    209 Tenth Avenue South

    Suite 302

    Nashville, TN 37217 


    See more details in the Parking section below. 

    How To Find Us  

    Use the South Lobby entrance by the Cinco de Mayo restaurant. You will see the Eventbrite first floor office straight ahead. Take a right at the first hallway and take your first left, which leads to elevators. Take the elevator to the third floor and enter the door straight ahead. If you have trouble finding us, please email [masked] and we will come to find you.

    Meeting Agenda 

    5:30-6:15 – Arrive, Socialize, Hack, Eat Snacks

    6:15-6:30 – Introductions, Announcements

    6:30-7:30 – The Main Event: Coding, Learning, Speaker, Q&A, Etc.

    7:30-8:00 – Wrap Up


    Every second Monday, 5:30pm-8:00pm. For the most updated meeting information, check this Meetup event page.


    This group is hosted by women programmers with the goal to build a welcoming environment to learn and to grow diversity in the programming field. 

    We have three main goals:  

    1. Connect women programmers and supporters so that we can have friends with whom to attend other programming events in town. 

    2. Facilitate discovery and learning of new tech subjects from a speaker who has spent time studying, compiling, and translating information so a beginner to that topic can understand. 

    3. Provide an encouraging space where people can gain speaking experience, and hopefully go on to speak at local user groups, conferences, etc… thus increasing minority visibility and inspiring other underrepresented people in tech. 


    We embrace the Lambda Jam Conference Diversity Policy and welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, neurotype, religion, elder status, family structure, culture, subculture, political opinion, identity, and self-identification. 

    What to Bring  

    - A laptop, tablet, smartphone, or pen/paper if you would like. None of these are required though.

     - Questions on any tech topics or careers in tech. 

    - Any guests who are also interested in learning to code and/or increasing diverse participation in tech.  

    - Our meeting overlaps with dinner. Feel free to bring a packed meal or pick up something on the way there. 

    What to Expect  

    - Free to attend. 

    - Free internet. 

    - Our group has adopted the Hacker School Social Rules. We seek to provide an environment of encouragement, openness, and support so all who attend can feel comfortable, welcome, and free to ask questions and grow.  


    (Listed starting with cheapest options) 


    Bike Parking 

    Free bike parking is available in front of Cummins Station. Don't forget your bike lock and reflectors for riding home at night!  

    Less Than $1 or Free Street Parking

    All of the parallel parking spaces along the front of Cummins Station (and the nearby streets) are free after 6pm. A few of these spots are reserved for valet in the evenings, so if you see a valet sign, park elsewhere.

    If you arrive earlier than 6pm, put in just enough exact change to cover you until the spots turn free at 6PM.

    Paid Lot Parking - Further, But Less Expensive 

    The Frist parking lot, across the street from Cummins Station, is the cheapest paid parking option.

    Rates: $1.50 first 1/2 hour; $6 first hour; $3 each additional hour; $24 daily max; Special events pricing as posted.

    Note: this parking lot is on the north side of Cummins Station, and Eventbrite is on the south side. However, you can enter Cummins Station from the North and walk through the inside of the building to get to the Eventbrite office.

    More info on The First parking lot: http://www.parkitdowntown.com/nashville/frist-lot-ii

    Paid Lot Parking - Closer, But More Expensive 

    Two paid parking lots are available directly across from Cummins Station. Last time we inquired, the rates was $6/hour after 5PM, with a maximum evening cost of $12, unless there is a special event pricing in effect.

    If you eat in a restaurant in Cummins Station, you can get your parking validated, which reduces the cost to free in many cases.

    Details on the[masked]th Ave South parking lot: http://www.parkitdowntown.com/nashville/cummins-station

    Details on the[masked]th Ave South parking lot: http://www.parkitdowntown.com/nashville/308-10th-ave-s




    If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us, your organizers, via Meetup. We look forward to seeing you!


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