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  • Thursday
    Jan 19 2017
    Azure Users Group: Azure Roadmap and 2017 Agenda Planning


    At this meeting Matthew Puckett, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, will give us an update on the current state of Azure and the Azure Roadmap.

    We will also discuss topics that we want covered in the coming months.

  • Introduction to React

    This session will feature an exploration of the popular Javascript view library React. During the meeting, we'll build a small example application together, while learning about the basics of React development.

    No React experience is necessary, but it'd be helpful to read through this quick primer for some high level context. We'll use the tool CodePen for live-coding our example app, so it'd also be helpful to create an account with them (you can use the platform without an account, but you need an account to save your work).

    See you soon!

  • Nashville Startup Pitch Night

    Weld Nashville

    Join us for our next Verge Nashville Pitch Night! You'll hear three local startups pitch their businesses to a panel of experts, plus an extended conversation with two Nashville area thought leaders. As always, food, beer, and excellent company will be provided.



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  • Saturday
    Jan 21 2017
    Field Trip with Mid-Tenn Genealogical Society to TSLA

    If you love history and genealogy, or want to see the treasure trove of physical data that the Tennessee State Library & Archives (TSLA) has then please join us for a "field trip" downtown to the TSLA building, next to the Tennessee Supreme Court building.

    If you are a history nut or book worm, you should find plenty to engage with. TSLA has audio, video, and text records of legislative sessions going back 200+ years.

    I have reached out to the organizer of the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society (MTGS) and this will be one of their regular show-and-tell meetings open to the general public. This is a mixer event, and there won't be any SLGDN business, but feel free to bring a personal historical artifact and participate in the meeting's agenda for the afternoon.

    The MTGS is a nonprofit org, but many state employees are members of this organization due to the nature of the work they do with family and state history.

    This is also a great opportunity for anyone interested in making connections at the state, who wants to work on data initiatives with the State Library (which has a lot of programs under its vast umbrella) to come out and meet people and begin building those relationships.

  • Wednesday
    Jan 25 2017
  • Wordpress : Developers Social: Code&Breakfast!­­

    Ah So Designs

    How about a little php with your pancakes, or some html on your bagel?

    Developers and Aspiring developers, please come and join us for a morning social hour as we hangout and talk shop. From 8am to 9am we will open the floor to anyone who has questions about their code.

    We will have sausage, pancakes, bagels, bananas, oranges and orange juice. Please feel free to bring food if these options are not on your menu.

    Topics are always welcome! We are looking for anyone that might be interested in giving a presentation. If you're interested leave a comment or email us.

    Thanks to our Sponsor AllMyWebNeeds

    All My Web Needs is a Nashville web design company that understands small businesses and their needs.


  • GirlGeekDinner #22: New Year, New Intention

    DESCRIPTION Here's to inspiring and continuing to forge relationships that will help us throughout 2017 and beyond! With the beginning of the new year, Nashville Girl Geek Dinner acknowledges that now, more than ever, we must come together to support our community, not only in technology, but also across our entire community. Please join us on January 25th, 6:00 PM, at Emma’s Bistro as we celebrate a night of empowerment and inspiration to think about what matters to us as individuals and technologists. We want this to be a year of intention and year dedicated to making a difference. We each will have different goals and desires, let’s come together to rethink how we will accomplish these things. Let’s be accountable to the change we want to see.

    Are you ready? This year, we want to more proactively support organizations in our community who are doing their part to inspire change and growth. Each month, Nashville Girl Geek Dinner will have a call to action for a charity we we will be contributing to. January’s organization is the Martha O’Bryan Center (www.marthyobryan.org). It is Poverty Awareness Month and would love to ask that each attendee bring a clothing item (eg, warm coats, gloves, jackets, shirts, anything you are ready to depart with and know someone else could benefit from) to the event so that can donate them this wonderful nonprofit.

    6:00 - 6:30 PM Networking 6:30 - 7:30 PM Celebrate Coming Year; Intention; Accountability 7:30 - 8:00 PM Networking/ Clean Up

  • Thursday
    Jan 26 2017
    PyNash: datetime in Python: What Time is it Anyway?

    Welcome to 2017, Nashville Pythonistas!

    For our first meeting of 2017, PyNash Co-organizer Greg Back will help us demystify some of the tricker things about datetime objects in Python. He'll provide an overview of dates, times, and timezones, and why they can cause problems in real life and in real Python programs. Solutions to common problems and a few helpful hints will be provided, using both the standard library and third-party packages like pytz and python-dateutil.

    Before Greg's talk, John Berryman will give an introduction to a new mentoring/social learning initiative we're exploring called Penny University.

  • UX Beyond the Screen Part 1 of 3: Lost in Translation

    This series of meetups delves into the parts of UX that are hard to see and even difficult to imagine.

    Part 1 : Lost in Translation

    Designing software is a lot like making a movie. The plot often changes while the movie is being made. It can mutate even more as film finds its way to the cutting room floor.How can a designer maintain a consistent vision with so many moving pieces?

    Well, we don't have a good answer for you. But we do have an eye-opening exercise that we learned at EnterpriseUX. You may never look at maps the same way again.

    Presented by: Alan Laidlaw (Principal Software Engineer at Asurion) and Justin Threlkeld (Experience Designer and Strategist at redpepper)

    NEW: Park in either lot across 3rd Avenue for $2 (or $8 when the Sounds play at home).

    6:00 - 6:15 > Drinks, Snacks, Networking
    6:15 - 7:00 > Introductions & Presentation
    7:00 - 8:00 > Topic Discussion, Additional Networking, Closing Remarks

  • Saturday
    Jan 28 2017
    DevFest Nashville

    Emma's Bistro Cafe

    There are a TON of freely available API's in the cloud, enabling such awesome functionality as Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Translation, and Big Data Manipulation. Additionally, a silent shift is underway in mobile web development, making mobile web apps look like native mobile apps. Progressive Web Apps are here, and you probably use at least one every day.

    DevFest is Nashville's introduction to a few of these technologies. Our agenda is still under construction, but currently we're planning a few sessions, including: • Using Machine Learning and Big Data to make your app better • Making a web app look native on mobile browsers • iOS and Android native app development kickstarter • MORE

    There WILL be swag, there will be great food, and there will be prizes. Stay tuned.

  • Tuesday
    Jan 31 2017
    Journey to Angular 2 (one .net developer's perspective)

    RANDA Solutions

    Angular 2, is here. Angular 4 is coming. It's time to dive in.

    Let's figure out how to put the pieces together to build an app from scratch.


    • 6:00pm - Eat • 6:30pm - Present • 7:15pm - Hang • 8:00pm - Fin


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