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  • Thursday
    May 25 2017
    May Meetup - Build your own Performance Analyzer/Chaos Monkey

    For the May meetup Kevin Crawley from Franklin American Mortgage Company will demonstrate using the TermUI library (https://github.com/gizak/termui) and Docker to build an interactive CLI tool which will load test a HTTP endpoint and introduce chaos monkey functionality to this application. The UI will give realtime feedback on the number of connections, latency, node distribution, and response codes.

    He will then demonstrate how he can build the project on a machine that does not have Go installed, using only Docker and Bash.

    Note: The month of April meetup has been cancelled. I had no volunteers for speakers and the content I'm planning is not ready. I apologize for the missed meetup, and I look forward to presenting next month.

  • Discussion & Mixer: What happens when the government hides its data?

    Cynthia Villacis, Director of Polling at icitizen

    Cynthia Villacis, Director of Polling at icitizen

    Hey! Things continue to get weird. When you get a second, try and access http://data.whitehouse.gov. It was emptied of all data sets earlier this year, and now the domain itself is inaccessible.

    So we're going to talk about it! Join us, the Online News Association, and the Society of Professional Journalists for an evening of conversation and mingling at Tech Hill Commons. We'll host a panel discussion featuring Robyn Mace, CDO of Nashville , and others (TBA). Reception to follow. We'll have a cooler full of beer and a bunch of those little Milano cookies. You know? The chocolate shortbread ones?

    We'll try and cover three main topics:

    What does the fed hiding its data imply for lower levels of government and the way they make decisions about transparency?
    What kind of effects can we expect to see cascade down across government and non profits?
    What do we do now?


    Robyn Mace, CDO of the City

     Cynthia Villacis, Director of Polling at icitizen

    More to come!

    Doors at 5:30pm, content at 6pm, mixer at 7pm.

    Thanks to our venue hosts at the Nashville Tech Council and our co-hosts at the ONA.

    Come hang out!

  • NCTE Monthly Meeting

    More details to come.

  • Nashville UX May Meetup: Building Accessible Products that Don’t Suck


    Accessibility gets a bad wrap: it’s ugly. It’s hard. Accessibility requires compromise.

    But accessibility is more than large type and black-on-white text. It facilitates deeper thought into the essence of a product, and forces product professionals to think about context and focus on information architecture.

    Thursday night we will explore ways to make digital products accessible and not suck. Accessibility is product enhancement, not compromise. Through the interaction of graphic design and usability, we will walk through a case study where accessible considerations made the product better... for everyone.

    Parking note: We encourage you to make use of the free street parking on 10th, Palmer, Lea, and other streets surrounding Cummins Station. There is also paid parking available if needed or preferred.


    6:00 - 6:15 > Drinks, Snacks, Networking 
    6:15 - 7:00 > Introductions & Presentation 
    7:00 - 8:00 > Topic Discussion, Additional Networking, Closing Remarks

    Beer & Assorted Beverages Generously Sponsored By: 

    Food Generously Sponsored By: 

    Space Generously Provided By:

  • Lightning Round: Python Packages!

    This month we're going to have multiple speakers, each giving a quick talk about a lesser-known Python package. Here's a quick list of our speakers and the packages they'll be discussing:

    • Jurnell Cockhren (https://github.com/mewwts/addict)

    • Steve Wilcox (https://github.com/Kozea/WeasyPrint)

    • Anthony Fox (https://github.com/tomchristie/apistar

    • Max Collins-Shenfield (https://docs.python.org/3/library/functools.html#functools.singledispatch

    • Josh Stephens (https://github.com/r0x0r/pywebview)

    Come join us, and maybe learn about your new favorite package!

    And many thanks to our sponsor this month: SmileDirectClub!

    SmileDirectClub was founded on a simple belief: everyone deserves a smile they love. We are the first digital brand for your smile. The company was built upon a realization that recent trends in 3D printing and telehealth could bring about disruptive change to the invisible aligner market. By leveraging proprietary cutting-edge technology, we’re helping customers avoid office visits and cutting their costs by up to 70 percent because people shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune for a better smile.

    SmileDirectClub is backed by Camelot Venture Group, a private investment group that has been pioneering the direct-to-consumer industry since the early ‘90s, particularly in highly regulated industries. If you’ve heard of 1-800-CONTACTS, Quicken Loans, HearingPlanet, DiabetesCareClub or SongbirdHearing, then you’ve heard of Camelot. Their hands-on approach, extensive networking, and operational expertise ensures their portfolio companies reach their potential.

    (and if that sounds interesting to you, I happen to know that SmileDirectClub is hiring, so please get in touch if you're interested!)

  • Introduction to Command Line Tools with NodeJS with Max Beizer

    Max Beizer will lead us in looking at building a command line utility with NodeJS -- specifically, we will build a tool that hits the meetup.com API and reports back upcoming meetups in subscribed groups.

    We will be doing lots of live coding and touch on topics from NPM/Yarn and NodeJS to testing tools and how to read API documentation.

    Why should you care about Node? In 2016, NodeJS averaged 484,121 downloads a day! Node and JavaScript is among the fastest growing and most dynamic tech communities out there. While NodeJS tends to be thought of as a server side technology, we will explore how you can build tools using Node to make your day-to-day easier.

    If you want to follow along, please make sure you have a bash-like shell and that you have Node and NPM or Yarn installed (links below)





  • - No events -

Next two weeks

  • Saturday
    May 27 2017
    Coding Jam

    Cafe Coco

    Come out and participate in a fun coding challenge with fellow developers. All levels of coders welcomed and encouraged.

  • Tuesday
    May 30 2017
    Google i/o Retrospective

    In this meeting we'll highlight and discuss some of the revelations from the Google i/o conference, which will have taken place on Google's Mountain View, CA campus May 16 - 19.  Generally Google makes most of its major announcements during this conference, include new features of Android, machine learning innovations, and cool stuff like wearables and self-driving cars.

    Nashville Mobile Developers usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month.  We meet to discuss innovations in mobile development, and will generally have someone from a local company who's got something awesome to show off.

  • Wednesday
    May 31 2017
    Developers Social: Code&Breakfast!­

    Ah So Designs

    How about a little php with your pancakes, or some html on your bagel? 

    Developers and Aspiring developers, please come and join us for a morning social hour as we hangout and talk shop. From 8am to 9am we will open the floor to anyone who has questions about their code.

    We will have sausage, pancakes, bagels, bananas, oranges and orange juice. Please feel free to bring food if these options are not on your menu. 

    Topics are always welcome! We are looking for anyone that might be interested in giving a presentation. If you're interested leave a comment or email us.

    Thanks to our Sponsor AllMyWebNeeds

    All My Web Needs is a Nashville web design company that understands small businesses and their needs.


  • CocoaHeads Does Code Review

    This month, we're going to host a group code review session. If you have a problem that's been stumping you, an algorithm that needs optimization, or want to argue about style guides, bring in your sample code and show the group. You'll explain, we'll discuss, everyone profits! All skill levels welcome!

    This is meant to be driven by the group but we'll have Jonathan Wiley (Founder & Lead Developer at LunarLincoln) and Blake Merryman (Senior Developer at Black Pixel) on hand to serve as moderators and domain experts.


    - All topics must be related to development on Apple platforms (iOS, macOS, watchOS, etc.).
    - Sample code required. If you are working on a confidential project, please create a sample project or playground that illustrates the problem.
    - 10 mins per question. The moderators may allow more time depending on time remaining and flow of discussion.
    - Be prepared & organized to make the most of your time.


    Meeting Schedule:

    6:00 - 6:15 - Pizza & drinks
    6:15 - 7:00 - Group Discussion
    7:00 - 8:00 - Socializing

    Thanks to LunarLincoln for hosting this month!

    Feel free to contact Blake Merryman or Addison Webb if you have any questions. You can also find out all the latest updates or ask questions on the Meetup Group or Twitter account. Hope to see you there!

  • Thursday
    Jun 1 2017
    Music City Code 2017

    Music City Code 2017 is a three-day event touching on all aspects of software, web and mobile development. The event includes workshops, seminars, panel discussions, open spaces, lightning talks and the Geek Jam Lunch where attendees participate in the Music City experience. Agile enthusiasts should check out Music City Agile, which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31st, 2017.

    IMPORTANT: A ticket is required to attend this event. Please note that an RSVP of YES does not register you to attend the Music City Code conference. For more details and ticket information, see MusicCityCode.com.

  • Music City Code

    Join us June 1-3 for Music City Code, Nashville's hometown tech conference! Music City Code is packed with workshops, seminars, and panel discussions to inspire progress in Nashville's tech community.

    Music City Code will be held at Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Student Center, Thursday June 1st through Saturday, June 3rd.

    Ticket prices are half price through May 1. Refer a sponsor and get a free ticket!

    To Learn More About Music City Code And Register For The Conference, Visit www.musiccitycode.com

  • Saturday
    Jun 3 2017
    June Meetup

    We'll most likely still be meeting at the library but we'll confirm closer to the date.

  • Tuesday
    Jun 6 2017
    "BLE explained; including BLE 5 and what it means for IoT" by Beat Zenerino

    With BLE 5 on the horizon, now is a great time to brush up on the fundamentals of Bluetooth Low Energy. BLE is already ubiquitous in mobile devices and with BLE 5 quadrupling the range and doubling the download speed it's sure to become even more popular. I will teach you the basics of the BLE protocol, including GAP, GATT and security features. I will also present a BLE 5 demo utilizing some of the new features.

    We'll begin the meeting as always with show & tell. So, bring what you've been working on and tell everyone about it.

    Need help with your project? Bring it and ask for help.

    NOTICE THE CHANGE OF LOCATION. Starting at this meeting will begin having our meetings at the Nashville Technology Council's new Tech Hill Commons space. 

    HELP! We've lost our food sponsor and need to find a new one ASAP. In order for us to continue providing food & drinks we either need to find a new sponsor or start asking members to chip in. Please talk to your employers or companies that you work with and see if they might be interested in helping us keep you fully fueled. If you have any ideas for sponsors and would like me to inquire for you, please send an email to [masked]. Additionally, if you would like to make a donation to help cover costs you can do so via PayPal to my same email address or through the MeetUp donations feature. THANKS!

    Food & drinks will be served at 6PM. Show & Tell and the presentation will start no later than 6:30.

    Come join the fun and invite your friends!


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