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  • Tuesday
    Sep 18 2018
    Healthcare Data Scientist Workshop #1


    5:30 PM, Networking & Food Arrives

    6:00 PM, Presentation

    7:15 PM, Wrap up

    Topic: Healthcare Data Scientist Workshop # 1
    Know your data, Know your patient
    1. Overview
    2. Data Infrastructure
    3. Identify Business issues

    Christine Lai

    1. Bring your laptop
    2. Roll up your sleeves
    3. Work on real stuffs

    Food will be ordered at Noon Mon Sep 17th. All registrations after this time may not have food available. Sponsors: A huge thanks to our sponsors, Axial Healthcare and Nashville Technology Council!

    PARKING: check out this event parking guide, https://goo.gl/gvZ7KU.
    NTC is having a very large event that night in the Event Center with over 100 people at the same time as our meeting. This will unfortunately mean that parking will be difficult that evening. NO one is allowed to park on the grass and that overflow parking should be up on Interstate Blvd. S. We encourage you to carpool or take Uber/Lyft if at all possible.

    Live streaming will be available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b2ilJR89eM

  • Let's talk elixir

    This is the monthly elixir meetup.  We will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Let's get together and talk about all things elixir.

  • Maker Meetup! Monthly Show & Tell

    Every third Tuesday of the month we set aside a night to share tips, tricks, hacks, demos and news from the maker community! Bring your latest project (even if it's in pieces) and an appetite for learning!

    After some announcements and about a half-hour of talks we like to mingle, snack, share our projects, and help each other out.

    Even if you've shown your project before, please bring it and let us know what's changed so new people get to see some of the awesome things they may have missed!

    If you would like to be a featured presenter, lead a hands-on demo, or be a food/beverage sponsor, please email us at info@makenashville.org.

    Past & Present Presenters:

    Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/pg/makenashville/events/



  • Wednesday
    Sep 19 2018
    Introduction to Data Structures - Joseph Shelby


    At this meetup we’re going to focus on data structures and what they mean for you as a programmer. Topics will include lists, arrays, and hash maps. We’ll also talk about how these data structures and their syntax can vary between languages, using three popular languages (Python, Golang, and NodeJS), with the goal of helping to reduce confusion as you grow as a developer.

    Joseph Shelby is a Senior Devops Engineer at Asurion.


Next two weeks

  • Thursday
    Sep 20 2018
    How real-time threat detection can help improve both visibility and security

    Join us for lunch and discussion on ICS network visibility!

    A foundational requirement to managing cyber risk starts with the question: what is connected to my industrial control system network? Having a detailed inventory can then help you put a plan in place to defend the environment against cyber threats. Join us to hear Umair Masud provide insight into how you can achieve a more secure industrial control system network by not only helping you understand what the attack surface of your assets are, but also how to reduce the time it takes to respond to threats in real-time that may be impact the integrity of your ICS environment.

    Umair Masud manages the Consulting Services Portfolio at Rockwell Automation. Mr. Masud holds primary responsibility for the strategic roadmap for industrial cyber security services including consultative services such as risk assessments, audits as well as managed security services such as threat detection and incident response services.

    Since joining Rockwell Automation in 2009, Umair has held various positions. Prior to his current position, Umair served as a security consultant helping Rockwell Automation’s customers find ways to increase the security posture of their industrial control systems environments through a combination of strategic and tactical approaches.

    Mr. Masud holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

  • Zero to Sixty with Azure Cosmos DB


    Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database. With the click of a button, Azure Cosmos DB enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure's geographic regions. It offers throughput, latency, availability, and consistency guarantees with comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs), something no other database service can offer.

    Presenter: Adnan Hashmi, Data & AI Architect at Microsoft:

    Enabling Financial Services clients to use Microsoft Cloud, Data, and AI platforms to deliver actionable insights and analytics. Passionate about technology, particularly Cloud and AI, and their ability to drive businesses' digital transformation.

    Update: We will again be streaming the meeting via Skype for those who cannot attend in person. However, there is no substitute for being there in person to network with your peers.

  • NashSec Meet-up

    Join us for this month's NashSec!

  • Monday
    Sep 24 2018
    API Strategy & Practice Conference
    Music City Center

    Hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative, the API Strategy & Practice Conference, APIStrat, is focused on the API economy. The ninth edition of the conference will bring together everyone – from the API curious to today’s leaders – to discuss opportunities and challenges in the API space. APIStrat sparks conversations between API providers and API consumers, startups and enterprise, developers and architects, and all types of integrators. APIStrat brings together experts, leaders, and members of the community to discuss what we each see on the ground every day. This event is not just for developers and IT teams, it is also for business users, executives, and anyone who seeks to better understand how APIs are impacting the world around us.

  • Tuesday
    Sep 25 2018
    Machine Learning Crash Course


    Ever wanted to create a software solution for predicting the future price of a stock? Or read the contents of a hand-written note? Or implicitly parse a spoken request? Problems like these are very difficult to solve. Often a programmer cannot readily calculate the relationships and heuristics necessary to produce a valid solution.

    Enter Machine Learning. With enough example data, an ML system can be constructed to reproduce proven behavior, and to extrapolate new behavior. And with some of the tools that are available today, it's getting easier to put together such solutions.

    Joseph Banta will introduce some of these tools, and kick-start a series of meetups highlighting Machine Learning tutorials.

    Nashville Mobile Developers usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. We meet to discuss innovations in mobile development, and will generally have someone from a local company who's got something awesome to show off.

  • Wednesday
    Sep 26 2018
    Nashville PHP Hot Chicken Lunch

    Come out and stimulate your mind, mouth and stomach with some finely-crafted hot chicken and good ol' PHP talk.

  • Thursday
    Sep 27 2018
    History of Cryptocurrency Hacks and the Evolution of Storage Solutions


    Speaker: Ken Hodler, KeepKey Chief Engineer (Seattle Based)

    Bio: Ken has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2011 and has contributed to the KeepKey product since 2015. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the ideals of decentralized currency and autonomous computing. He has worked on security focused products for a significant part of his career and is a strong advocate of agile development and management methodologies.

    Summary: Hacks have been intruding on the cryptocurrency space for years and have played a major role in the evolution of secure storage solutions within the industry. From Mt. Gox to present, investors have been cursed by malicious malware and hackers. These devastating stories all lead to the same problem of protecting ones private keys in the most effective and secure manner. Multiple solutions evolved from this problem: online wallets, mobile wallets exchanges and hardware wallets. Each option has its own utility in the industry, but hardware wallets standout as the most advantageous.

    For more information about upcoming meetups, visit: https://chat.hashedhealth.com/channel/nashville_blockchain_meetup

  • Jupyter Notebook: What’s in it for You

    This month our visiting speaker, Douglas Starnes, hails from sunny, exotic Memphis and is going to help us understand why Jupyter Notebooks might be useful for YOU:

    Different types of development need different tools. Data science does not always lend itself to the edit and run style of development most of us are familiar with. Inspired by IPython, Jupyter notebook fills this need by providing an interactive computing environment in which data scientists can experiment and iterate quickly. Also, it's browser based so it is just as easy to use it on a local machine as it is remotely. Jupyter notebook also archives each session which can be shared with others enabling reproducible experiments. And don't let the name, IPython fool you, it's for more than just Python. Jupyter notebook supports over 40 languages including R, Julia and Scala.

    Douglas Starnes is a polyglot ninja and tech community influencer in the Memphis area making stuff that works on more than just the web. He specializes in the fields of mobile, data science and machine learning. Douglas is a co-director of the Memphis Python User Group and a board member of the Memphis .NET User Group. He is a frequent conference speaker who has delivered more than 30 featured presentations at more than 20 conferences over the past 7 years in a variety of citiies across the southeast United States. In addition, Douglas is a Pluralsight author and active participant in local user groups. He has also served as an organizer for PyTennessee, PyOhio and TechCampMemphis. Outside of being a geek Douglas is a trained composer, aspiring triathlete and avid Lego collector.

    ** This meeting does not yet have a sponsor. If you're interested in sponsoring, please contact pynash.organizers@gmail.com and let us know!

  • Nashville VR Meetup

    • What we'll do
    Join us on the last Thursday of each month for Nashville's VR meetup! We are resurrecting the meetup and have found a generous new host for it: Vanderbilt's new center for innovation, "The Wond'ry" We will provide a few VR setups (Oculus Rift + Vive) and also encourage you to bring any projects of interest (including hardware, if applicable). This meetup is intended for anyone interested in virtual reality, from those who have never experienced it to full time developers. Our goal is to connect the community, foster networking, and pool our creativity to take VR to its full potential.

    • What to bring

    • Important to know

  • Saturday
    Sep 29 2018
    ProductCamp Nashville 2018

    Nashville’s product community is growing by leaps and bounds every day... and ProductCamp Nashville is one of the best and most fun ways to learn, interact with colleagues, and grow your network.

    ProductCamp is an “unconference” made for Product People. It started in Silicon Valley in 2008 and has expanded to include cities like Boston, NYC, Seattle, Sydney, and Amsterdam. The content and connections made at ProductCamp will be incredibly valuable for anyone who wants to learn from, teach, and network with other professionals in Product Management, Marketing, Development, and more. Because of the “unconference” format, there are no attendees, only participants.

    You can volunteer to give a talk, join a roundtable discussion, support behind the scenes through logistics or sponsorships, or just vote on the speakers you want to see and enjoy the experience. No matter your level of engagement, you’ll have fun and walk away glad you came to ProductCamp.

    Visit our website to learn more!


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