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cal.nashvl.org is a unified calendar for the technology community of Nashville, TN. We are an all-volunteer effort and encourage anyone to import, create, and edit events.

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  • Tuesday
    Oct 25 2016
    Make Your Team Great
    Online - webinar

    Build A Tech Team That Delivers Business Results - Reliably And Consistently!

    Join this free webinar to learn how to:

    • Get your entire team focused on delivering the right business outcomes
    • Build a "fighting unit" that tackles tough problems
    • Optimize the efficiency of your delivery process
    • Earn the loyalty and trust of your team
  • NashFP

    Hi! The October meeting is Tuesday (Oct 25). Have something to share?If so, reply here and let us know what you have brewing and how many minutes you want.

    Show-and-tell, question & answer, dojo, and labs all welcome.

    Candy corn to anyone who can demo a virtual pumpkin carver in Elm, F#, ...


  • Nashville Mobile Development User Group CAGE MATCH!!!

    The Nashville Mobile Development User Group usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. We meet to discuss innovations in mobile development, and will generally have someone from a local company who's got something awesome to show off.

  • Visual Testing With Moshe Milman From Applitools

    Automated visual testing is a major emerging trend in the dev / test community. In this talk you will learn what visual testing is and why it should be automated. We will take a deep dive into some of the technological challenges involved with visual test automation and show how modern tools address them. We will review available open-source and commercial visual testing tools, demo cutting edge technologies that enable running cross browser and cross device visual tests at large scale, and show how visual test automation fits in the development / deployment lifecycle.

    If you don’t know what visual testing is, if you think that Sikuli is a visual test automation tool, if you are already automating your visual tests and want to learn more on what else is out there, if you are on your way to implement Continuous Deployment or just interested in seeing how cool image processing algorithms can be, this talk is for you!


Next two weeks

  • Wednesday
    Oct 26 2016
    NashDev Breakfast [East-side Edition]

    Normally we meet at Fido's, but this month we are going to change things up and meet up at a diner in East Nashville.

  • NACC Lean Coffee

    Bring your success stories, your problems that you need advice on and just network with our Nashville and Middle Tennessee Agile Coaches to the October 26th Nashville Agile Coaching Council Meetup. See you at the 100 Oaks location of Panera Bread!

  • GirlGeekDinner #21: Sponsored By Reax.io

    Reax is excited to welcome you on October 26, 2016, 6:00 PM for an evening of food, beverage, inspiration and conversation. Workplace Culture: Thinking Outside the Ping-Pong Table We’ve likely all seen that job opening post where one of prominent bullet points of employee perks is that existence of a ping-pong table. In a fight for the best talent in the community, companies are eager to tout ping-pong tables and other ‘fun’ accommodations as mark of great company culture in hopes of attracting the right team members.

    But what really is ‘great’ business culture? Reax, a 2016 Next Awards finalist in the business culture category, will lead a discussion about defining and building company culture that both brings great people to the team and benefits the bottom line.

    Topics for discussion include: - Components of a healthy workplace culture - A case for diversity in the workplace (backgrounds and personalities) in creating a stronger business - Newbie on the team: how to adapt to and improve on existing company culture - Implementation and beyond: Applying the iterative process in sustaining and evolving the culture

    The evening will also include a brainstorming session focused on how to build a healthy working culture. By end of the dinner, we hope fellow Nashville geeks can go home with jumping off points for conversations within their respective organizations.

  • Intro to Image Processing with Mohssen Fathi

    This month Mohssen Fathi will introduce us to image processing for iOS. We'll cover the basic structure of popular image processing frameworks and see how we can use them to build a filter chain and edit our own images.

    Mohssen Fathi is an iOS Developer at Mercury Intermedia. He previously worked as a contract developer focusing on image processing applications for iOS.

    You can find Mohssen on Github and Mercury @mercury.

    Meeting Schedule:

    6:00 - 6:15 - Pizza & drinks 6:15 - 7:00 - Presentation & QA 7:00 - 8:00 - Socializing

    Thanks again to Aloompa and Mercury for sponsoring our group this month! With their support, we have refreshments, this Meetup group, and a venue to meet at.

  • Thursday
    Oct 27 2016
    Women Get IT

    Clear your calendar, because this isn't your average networking event! WoMenGetIT is a mentorship program that connects future IT talent, students, women interested in technology, and those re-entering the workforce with local IT professionals. Our goal is to create a positive and supportive environment that enables us to help each other in the pursuit of creating a more diversified workforce.

    Men, you are invited too! We started this as a program for women and quickly realized that men need mentors too. Besides, it seemed kind of silly to talk about improving the workplace with 70-80% of the workforce unrepresented.

    Come one, com all, bring a guest, and let's "get IT!"

  • A Beginners Guide to Supervised Machine Learning with scikit-learn

    This month, Eventbrite's Beck Cronin-Dixon will be joining us to talk about supervised machine learning and scikit-learn!

    Wherever you turn these days someone is talking about machine learning. The Python community is lucky to have scikit-learn (one of, if not the, best libraries for creating and training models and predicting outcomes). In her talk, Beck will focus on how scikit-learn can be used for supervised machine learning tasks such as classification and regression. She will give a brief overview of machine learning terms and examples of how to use scikit-learn to start becoming familiar with machine learning.

  • NUX October: Dark Patterns & Their Wicked Ways

    Trick or Treat?

    If Halloween is a national A/B Test, it is pretty clear that we don’t liked to be tricked. Dark Patterns are the tricks of interface design and we are tricked everyday, far more than we realize.

    Thursday the 27th, devil’s night, we’re going to learn how to spot dark patterns in designs and in real life. We’re going to reveal their history and predict their ghoulish future.

    Then we’re going to make some dark patterns of our own!

    Agenda 6:00 - 6:20 > Drinks, Snacks, Networking 6:20 - 7:00 > Introductions & Presentation 7:00 - 8:00 > Topic Discussion, Additional Networking, Closing Remarks

    About the Speaker Alan Laidlaw, Principal Software Engineer at Asurion and a NUX co-organizer, will be leading the presentation and exercises.

  • Continuing our introduction to Elixir and Phoenix

    We will look more at Elixir and Phoenix as we continue to build our poor person's Slack clone.


    You will need to have installed: elixir erlang node (for npm) postgres

  • Friday
    Oct 28 2016
    GMX Vol 8
    4pm through Sunday, October 30 at 10pm
    Sheraton Music City Hotel

    Come hangout and Check out our Rift/Vive room! we will have lots of fun, exciting, and SCARY stuff for you to Check out! Badges are 45$ for all 3 days. Unless you get a Hotel Room. Then it will cost you about $159.00/night. We will be charging, yes it will be reasonable/affordable, for use of the rifts and vives. There will be times and rates posted at the event. So bring friends and lets have some FUN!

    Also Kyle Mann will be demoing 360 Video as well as creating it, You will get to see his equipment and maybe even gain some Education on the art of 360 video creation from a VERY talented individual! If you have not had a chance to check out his work I will put a link at the bottom!

    Can't wait to see everyone there!

    There is a FEE for entry, it is 45$ for a 3 day pass! There WILL BE LOTS OF STUFF TO DO! Not just VR.

  • Saturday
    Oct 29 2016
    GEEK Meet & Greet

    This will be our first meetup and we are really excited about it!! We will meet for introductory, have some good food, discuss software and tools needed for each meetup and be dismissed.

    The focus of each meetup is to code an ongoing project together, learn together and use the project for your own personalized portfolio to enhance your skills and present on job interviews.

    We will eat at each meetup, so come with an appetite. Food will be supplied by us!

    Welcome, to GEEK by AKEIN Engineering!

  • Sunday
    Oct 30 2016
    Robot Battles!!

    We will again host Robot Battles (http://robotbattles.com/) at GMX (http://geekmediaexpo.com/) in Nashville. We will have battles for 1 lb and 3 lb robots. This is our 4th year of hosting robot battles at GMX. Entry for the robot battles is free for folks who are competing and for volunteers who are helping a team or helping MTRAS with the event. Otherwise, entry will require a GMX ticket.

    9am-10am: registration and set-up of the arena

    10am-1pm+: robot battles

  • Wednesday
    Nov 2 2016
    JavaScript: Shoring Up the Foundations

    Event Details:

    Regardless of who you are, if you are in web development, chances are high you will need to touch Javascript. So whether you just want to be competent at it, or you want to master it, this presentation is for you. And even if you’ve been working at Javascript for a long time, you might just find you’ll get to dust off some core concepts that will help re-align your foundation and make you a better developer.

    The Speaker:

    TJ Draper is an independent web developer and owner of BuzzingPixel, LLC in Spring Hill, TN. After dabbling with HTML tables, Flash, and CSS, TJ was thrown into web development in earnest when he inherited the responsibilities of the website at the small film company he worked for. Since then, TJ has become a well-rounded developer of all things web related including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. Before becoming an independent developer, TJ held the position of senior developer at Caddis Interactive in Franklin, TN.

  • Delicious Data Science -- Teaching Machines About Food

    Description coming soon.

    I have not yet reserved a space for this meet up. If you have a space that is available, please message me. Thanks, Brian

  • Thursday
    Nov 3 2016
    Nashville Geek Breakfast
    The Perch Downtown

    The Community-Driven Breakfast for Technology-Minded People

    Each month attendees congregate over bacon, eggs and plenty of coffee to discuss topics like social media, digital marketing, design, programming, and ways to better their communities.

  • Getting Started Creating Plug-ins with JUCE

    FREE BBQ is back this meeting!

    This month, Phil Knock will be demonstrating how to get started creating an audio plug-in using the JUCE framework. As part of the event, he will code a basic Audio Units plug-in from start to finish. This code can also be used to create VST and AAX plug-ins with the appropriate SDKs.

    If you have ever wanted to see the process of how a plug-in is created, this will be a great event to observe. If you want to create your own plug-in, you can download (for free) JUCE ahead of the Meet-up and work along with Phil.