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cal.nashvl.org is a unified calendar for the technology community of Nashville, TN. We are an all-volunteer effort and encourage anyone to import, create, and edit events.

cal.nashvl.org aggregates events so that users can visit a single source to discover interesting activities. Event organizers and participants share events with others through cal.nashvl.org. Event planners use cal.nashvl.org to check for possible scheduling conflicts, allowing them to make smarter decisions. Many people check the site regularly to find out what events they can attend each day.


At Hack Nashville 2012, n8foo, binarydud and joshmock set up nashvl.org, a site dedicated to coalescing the technology community of Nashville. The site is powered by calagator, citizenry and Bootstrap.

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  • Add an event by entering its details.
  • Import event(s) by entering a URL to a feed or webpage, or via a bookmarklet.
  • Improve content by editing events and venues.

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