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Apr 24
Actions on Google

This month we'll be talking about putting together Actions for the Google Assistant. In addition to a brief summary on what Actions can be and how to put them together, we're planning to host a codelab where interested developers can assemble an Action during the event. After the code lab, we'll open up the floor to developers who have developed their own Actions, and want to show them off to the world.

Nashville Mobile Developers usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. We meet to discuss innovations in mobile development, and will generally have someone from a local company who's got something awesome to show off.

#buildactions #GoogleAssistant

Apr 26
Nashville VR Meetup
The Wond’ry @ Vanderbilt University

• What we'll do
Join us on the last Thursday of each month for Nashville's VR meetup! We are resurrecting the meetup and have found a generous new host for it: Vanderbilt's new center for innovation, "The Wond'ry" We will provide a few VR setups (Oculus Rift + Vive) and also encourage you to bring any projects of interest (including hardware, if applicable). This meetup is intended for anyone interested in virtual reality, from those who have never experienced it to full time developers. Our goal is to connect the community, foster networking, and pool our creativity to take VR to its full potential.

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Train your Python to play Sudoku and How to use Python in the browser
Emma's Bistro Cafe

This month we have two speakers! First up will be Max Shenfield telling us how we can use Python in our browsers:

Writing Python in the browser is a joyful experience for the intrepid Pythonista! We'll walk through a living TodoMVC ( implementation written in Python, and learn the best Python in the browser options for your project.

And once we're spoiled with Python in the browser, James Totorelli will teach us how to "train" a Python program to play Sudoku:

This talk will be a discussion about Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs) and how application of simple heuristics can greatly impact the efficiency of the solution. A Sudoku puzzle is treated as a CSP and two solutions - one with a heuristic and one without - are applied and compared to demonstrate performance improvements.

* Note: This meetup still doesn't have a sponsor. If you or your company would like to sponsor this meeting, please send us an email at

May 2
PyNash Lunch!

Join us for lunch and Pythonic discussions