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Nov 27
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69pm Emma's Bistro Cafe

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Dec 2
Nashville Java User Group: Rick Bradley - Long Refactorings
11amnoon Vaco Training Room

Learn about the spectrum of refactoring scale, and how to know what you need to undertake projects which change the code in your applications. Real-world retrospectives on large-scale refactoring projects, and how large project risk can be kept under control.

Rick Bradley is a Githubber.

(but that doesn't really do the man justice --jorendorff)

Open Management Meeting

Code for Nashville Tuesday, December 2 at 6:00 PM

Items on the agenda: 1. Still have to arrange for a checking account + debit card. 2. We have to complete the 2015 Support Plan Documentation that Bri...


Dec 4
Nash.rb meetup
5:307pm Website
Dec 17
Hack Night
5:308:30pm Sevier Park Community Center (3021 Lealand Lane, Nashville, TN)

Code for Nashville Wednesday, December 17 at 5:30 PM

Available Projects: 1. NashViva Needs: Developers familiar with Leaflet, or other mapping projects. 2. HRC Report Needs: UI/UX developers to hel...