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Girl Geek Dinner

209 10th Ave S #302
Nashville, TN (map)

Access Notes

The new space is on the 3rd floor of Cummins Station, on the Cinco de Mayo end of the building. Our temporary entrance is in the little hallway labeled "Elevator A", just across from the elevators.



Eventbrite was founded with the (quite ambitious) mission of bringing the worldtogether through live experiences. We’re building the technology that has powered millions of live events in 190 countries. Live experiences that range from music festivals, to hackathons, political rallies, mud runs, beer festivals, and Girl Geek Dinners.

Our technology spans across web, mobile, API, big data, machine learning, search, physical point of sale, and scanning systems. We even build servers in boxes and drive them up mountains in deserts to power the most remote events.

6:00-6:30 Registration, heavy appetizers, networking

6:30-7:30 Lightning Talks and Q&A

7:30-8:00 more networking!

Eventbrite Speakers:

Beck Cronin-Dixon – Software Engineer, Eventbrite Beck joined the Eventbrite Nashville team a few months ago after studying at the Nashville Software School. She’s a Captain at Code for Nashville where she collaborates with the local government to promote open data and build civic apps.

Alli Lacker – Senior Software Engineer, Eventbrite Discovery Alli is a Senior Software Engineer who joined the team at the start of 2013 after spending two years in the Peace Corps. Her recent hits include building the Eventbrite Styleguide, a living centralized styleguide for the entire company, and working tirelessly to make our entire Event + Ticket Creation process responsive during Project Ubiquity. She works on the Discovery Team, which focuses on helping consumers find great events to attend through newsletters, search, and recommendations.

Whitney Ryan – Product Management, Eventbrite Whitney joined Eventbrite as a Product Manager last year to lead the Organizer Growth team. When not working on optimizing conversion funnels, Whitney loves to read awful sci-fi novels and turn leftovers into culinary delights.

Mica Swyers – Eventbrite Integrity Mica joined the Engineering team in 2014 after completing her fellowship at Hackbright Academy. She works on spam and fraud engineering. She holds an MA in French linguistics from the University of Illinois but won’t speak French when we ask her to. Follow her on Twitter at @micaswyers.

Jacky Chang – Software Engineer, Eventbrite Jacky studied computer science at MIT, and began taking web development seriously in 2010. She followed the job market by moving to San Francisco to work for StumbleUpon, but quickly found herself at the center of a startup whirlwind. After a couple of years serving as CTO of digital publishing startup Plympton, she now works as a software engineer at Eventbrite on the Organizer Growth team. She appreciates climbing, comic books, and code that seems to actually have a reason to exist. Follow her on Twitter at @kyoki.