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Ruby on Rails - Hack Night

Emma's Bistro Cafe
11 Lea Ave
Nashville, TN 37210, US (map)



This will be our first Hack Night. A "hack night" could be so many things! We could:

  • use it like a co-working night: we each work on our own stuff and hang out

  • work on a project together as a group (pair programming?) with one person's computer hooked up to the projector

  • break out into groups or pairs and work on projects

Those are just 3 options! We will essentially have an "attendee's choice" of what we want to do at the start of the meeting.

6:00pm - Start Arriving/Eat Pizza/Mingle

6:15pm - Around the room for Introductions/Choose what to do for Hack Night

6:30pm - Start Hacking

7:30pm - FIN

7:45pm - Lock up Emma

This month, Reax will be sponsoring us for food and beverages, and Emma is sponsoring us for space! Anyone interested in sponsoring please contact the organizers.


We need a speaker for March! Remember how talking at user groups is good practice for speaking at conferences? Well... that is us. We are open to new and seasoned speakers alike! Please contact Erin at [masked] if you are interested. She can help with preparation, review, topic selection, etc. Talks can be of any length up to 1 hour.