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Code + Pinot :: Kanban Fundamentals for Everyday Life - Sponsored by LeanKit

500 Interstate Blvd S
Nashville, TN 37210 (map)



Sometimes it feels like 24 hours in a day still isn’t enough to complete all of the projects we have on our to do lists. Even for those with the greatest of multi-tasking skills, it seems projects fall through the cracks or the outcomes at completion are less than stellar.

Join us as LeanKit takes us through a TWO PART series on Kanban! The first will be looking at understanding what Kanban is in a very practical way - our normal everyday lives. The second, to be held in March, will look at how Kanban is used in a software development environment.

In this first workshop, LeanKit will introduce the basic concepts behind Kanban and how to incorporate these into your everyday life creating greater efficiency, a better understanding on how to set priorities, and see your projects and to-do lists get done!