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Intro to Webpack (w/ Zoltan Albert)

RANDA Solutions
5000 Meridian, Suite 400
Franklin, TN 37067, US (map)



There's been a lot of hubbub about Webpack in the JavaScript community over the past year or so. That being said, I often hear about how setting it up can be a confusing pain in the rear. So, we're going to break down and cover the main things to get you going with the hottest JavaScript bundler on the web. 

 Things we're gonna cover: 

- What is a module bundler and why you want one 

- The four core concepts needed for a basic webpack config

- How using webpack-dev-server can make your life easier (even on smaller projects) 

About Zoltan: 

"I've dabble with web development since 2000, but only pursued it as a career in the past year. Before that I jumped around from different jobs and different places, including living in Hungary and as well as being Chinese linguist for the US Navy. During my time in the service I was my shop's "computer guy," and ended up creating and delivering the training required if you wanted to work on any of our site's internal web pages. Now, though, I'm slinging code for the IoT video surveillance company Smartvue. We do cool things, and you should try to come work with us."


6:00 - Arrive, snack, and hang

6:30 - Presentation

7:30 - Post meetup networking