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"Making PCBs: From DIY to Production" by David Shuman

500 Interstate Blvd S
Nashville, TN 37210 (map)



Let's face it, solderless breadboards are just awful. Whether you're building a circuit to last or just prototyping a design, making a printed circuit board is often a much better option. And it's fun! This talk will present, with live demonstrations, using CAD software to draw a schematic diagram and lay out a board; fabricating a PCB using a laser printer, toner-transfer paper, and etching solution; and drilling lots of really tiny holes. Take home some free toner-transfer supplies generously donated to NashMicro by PulsarProFX! And do-it-yourselfers are no longer limited to cooking up a few boards in the kitchen -- we'll also discuss how you can have your designs professionally fabricated, in small quantities or large batches, for a lot less than you might expect.

We'll begin the meeting as always with show & tell. So, bring what you've been working on and tell everyone about it.

Need help with your project? Bring it and ask for help.

HELP! We've lost our food sponsor and need to find a new one ASAP. We have a little cash to cover food this month if we have to but in order for that to continue we'll need to find a new sponsor. Please talk to your employers or companies that you work with and see if they might be interested in helping us keep you fully fueled. If you have any ideas for sponsors and would like me to inquire for you, please send an email to [masked]. Additionally, if you would like to make a donation to help cover costs you can do so via PayPal to my same email address or through the MeetUp donations feature. We'll also put out a bucket for donations during the meeting. THANKS!

Food & drinks will be served at 6PM. Show & Tell and the presentation will start no later than 6:30.

Come join the fun and invite your friends!