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Nashville PHP June 2017: Open Source Your Library, Ben Ramsey

Built Technologies, Inc.
Nashville, TN, us (map)



Due to a scheduling conflict Marcus Fulbright will not be presenting this time around. He will give the same presentation for the July meeting on 7/11. The new talk for this month will be given by Ben Ramsey.

Open Source Your Library, Ben Ramsey

You’ve downloaded and installed open source libraries, required them as Composer dependencies, and perused the source code of countless GitHub repositories. Now,  you’re ready to help others by open-sourcing your own library. So, what does it take to build and publish an open source library? In this session, we’ll take a look at some of the common patterns open source PHP libraries follow. Along the way, we’ll cover: evaluating libraries for quality, common directory structures, the importance of tests and how to run them on Travis CI, publishing to Packagist, interacting with a community, and more.

About Ben

Ben Ramsey is a web craftsman, author, and speaker. He is a software architect at ShootProof, where he builds a platform for professional photographers. He enjoys organizing user groups and contributing to open source software. Ben blogs at benramsey.com and is @ramsey on Twitter.