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Emma's Bistro Cafe
11 Lea Ave
Nashville, TN 37210, US (map)



Notes for the Sept 2017 meeting:

Jason Orendorff is going to talk to us about a paper by Philip Wadler called "A Prettier Printer" (https://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/wadler/papers/prettier/prettier.pdf). I'm looking forward to this as always because Jason has yet to open his mouth without teaching me something fascinating.

I'd love to hear reports on ElixirConf from any of you who were there, or heck, even any of you have just watched some of the videos.

Reservations not necessary; if you've got something to show, a question to ask, or a discussion to start, you're welcome to step up!

If we end up with time to fill, I'm interested in learning more about property-based testing. If you know something about it, I would love to hear what you've got to share. If you know nothing about it, I can tell you what I know. Either way, we should learn something.