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Test-Driven API Development with Django REST Framework

Emma's Bistro Cafe
11 Lea Ave
Nashville, TN 37210, US (map)



In addition to a brief PyTennessee 2018 recap (if people are interested) from Bill Israel, this month we have a very special "Lost Talk from PyTN 2018" from Kevin Harvey of axialHealthcare:

The tools available in Django REST Framework allow rapid development of web APIs, and it's easy-to-use wrappers around Django and Python's testing toolkit make it easy to include a comprehensive test suite in any application. Some familiarity with Django itself will help, but this talk is aimed at those new the both Django REST Framework and testing in general.

And a huge thank you to axialHealthcare for sponsoring this month's meetup! Checkout axial's current job openings here: https://axialhealthcare.com/about-us/careers/