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Machine Learning Crash Course

10 Music Square E
Nashville, TN 37203, us (map)



Ever wanted to create a software solution for predicting the future price of a stock? Or read the contents of a hand-written note? Or implicitly parse a spoken request? Problems like these are very difficult to solve. Often a programmer cannot readily calculate the relationships and heuristics necessary to produce a valid solution.

Enter Machine Learning. With enough example data, an ML system can be constructed to reproduce proven behavior, and to extrapolate new behavior. And with some of the tools that are available today, it's getting easier to put together such solutions.

Joseph Banta will introduce some of these tools, and kick-start a series of meetups highlighting Machine Learning tutorials.

Nashville Mobile Developers usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. We meet to discuss innovations in mobile development, and will generally have someone from a local company who's got something awesome to show off.