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NashMicro: Remote Sensing with the Raspberry Pi

Emma's Bistro Cafe
11 Lea Ave
Nashville, TN 37210, US (map)



This month Josh Long is going to introduce us to the Raspberry Pi and his remote sensor project. He'll take us through the steps to build a data collection device using an Raspberry Pi which will sample a physical value and store it in a cloud service to observe changes over time. We'll start from the ground up by flashing an SD card and getting the OS ready. Then we'll explore a couple different options for reading devices on the RPI. Finally, we will get the RPi connected to the Internet and begin shipping data to our aggregation service.

To RSVP and for the latest info, please go to: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c89hp74og2nlknnvm7t6cjkju8c