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Millennium Maxwell House (10th Floor)

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  • Thursday
    Oct 30 2014
    Millennium Maxwell House (10th Floor)

    PhreakNIC is a non-profit conference held annually in Nashville each year, with a focus on hacker and maker culture. Now in its 18th year, it is the oldest running, volunteer-led hacker Con in the country. This year will include presentations and workshops from national experts on topics ranging from infosec to space exploration to FOSS development, a Kerbal space race, Films from Outer Space, FOSS fest, lockpicking, ham radio, Experimental Music Program, as well as the traditional Halloween festivities.

  • Tuesday
    Sep 17 2013
    Women in Technology of TN & PMI - Co-Hosted September Meeting

    Picture “Change Nirvana”: A change is about to occur in your organization. Everyone affected is on board and embraces the change. The change is effective, people are happy, and your results are even better than you expected. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable in your organization? Only you know the answer to that.

    We all face some type of change in our workplace on almost a daily basis. This change can be a minor adjustment of a process, a workforce transition, or an entire organizational transformation. Join us on September 17th when Donna Griggs will discuss some of the proven techniques her company, E3 Performance Group, uses to achieve “Change Nirvana”.