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305 Jefferson St, Suite 125
Nashville, TN 37208 (map)

A creative co-working space

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  • Monday
    Apr 13 2015
    Nashville Virtual Reality Meetup #6: Haptic feedback and VR input devices


    Hey everyone!

    Strap in, this is going to be a wild one. This meetup we're going to have a look at the variety of ways that have been proposed to interact with or feel feedback from a VR environment. Tim Dilks is bringing his simulation racing rig and we're also going to try to bring together a collection of other devices like the Leap Motion, Razer Hydra, and Subpac.

    http://i.imgur.com/HvnSvD2.jpg Tim will be bringing his rig for us to demo which has a high-end FFB wheel, a Motion Seat, and Tactile Transducers along with the Oculus Rift DK2.

    http://i.imgur.com/TCnLFln.jpg Left to right: Leap Motion, Razer Hydra, Subpac.

    This meetup will take place at Deavor, one of Nashville's most impressive co-working spaces. Parking map here: http://imgur.com/oCHWLkL Please note that the entrance to Deavor is at the top of that image, closest to Jefferson St.

    If anyone want's to bring an input device they're working on or one I listed above please do! I'll do my best to find a selection of hardware for us but any help in finding someone in town with a Hydra or Subpac would be appreciated. We'll also be running our normal VR demos all night for those who are looking for an introduction or a first time experience.

    Tim tells me that it takes about 10 mins to give someone a proper demo of the racing simulator, so if you're especially interested in that make sure to show up early to get a spot in line.

    See you all Monday!


  • Thursday
    Jan 8 2015
    WordPress Nashville: Developer: Code night


    Hey developers! So it's official we have our first developer code night scheduled at Deavor for January 8th 6pm to 8pm. We have the conference room at their space and if we need to overflow I'm sure we can use their tables.

    As was discussed in the last post we will be having a "hack night". I call it "code night" so that the users population of the meetup group understands that this will be developers sitting at their computers working on their own code.

    What will we be doing?

    The idea is to offer a large block of time where people can come and work on code together in a central location. Yes you can also do this at home, but here are a few things you can do specifically with this time.

    • Coordinate with a friend or colleague to build out a quick plugin, theme or code update.

    • Coordinate with a friend to meet and write that bit of code you've always wanted them to teach you!

    • Perhaps you are wanting a code review of your theme. You're not sure if your doing it right so you'd like a second set of eyes to look it over. Ask a second person to come and do a code review.

    • Work on your own project with other developers in the room. Working with other likeminded people can be very inspiring!

    There are lots of ways to spend this time. If you have more suggestions or ideas please use the comments. Or if you know of someone in the meetup group you would like to work with, use the meetup message tool to contact them and nudge them out for the evening.

  • Saturday
    Oct 18 2014
  • Monday
    Sep 29 2014
    WP Nashville - Blogging, Content Management and Beyond: Redefining the Limits of WordPress


    In step with WordPress’ steady growth and global adoption, we’ve all become familiar with its identity as the go-to blogging platform and CMS.

    But that only scratches the surface of WordPress’ potential. This month’s meetup will focus on work using WordPress in clever and unexpected ways, exploring the platform’s ever-evolving scope and flexibility.

    We’re joined by co-curators Athletics, a Brooklyn-based design studio and soon-to-be Nashville neighbors. Many thanks to WP Engine for their generous support of this month’s event.

    RSVP here:



    Jameson Proctor, Partner, Athletics Make / Model: Rapid Prototyping with WordPress and Twig

    Dale Liszka, Rockhouse Partners WordPress: Off the Web and Straight to Your Inbox

    Mark Kelnar, Director of Engineering for WP Engine Labs
    The Road to HHVM: How will it effect the future of WordPress

    Other places to find WP Nashville: